About Us

Developed by Vet Tony Sansom and his wife Jen, with advice from top breeders, Weanafeeda is innovatively designed to solve the problems associated with the feeding of a litter of pups at the weaning stage.

Weanafeeda is available in 5 different sizes to suit all breeds. The Mini 4, Maxi 4, Mini 6, Maxi 6 & Micro 3 – all come complete with quality stainless steel bowls. Just look at the pictures in the Gallery of puppies feeding from the innovative litter feeding system. There is no other feeder for pups designed specifically for puppies allowing them to feed individually in a communal situation.

The unique features & benefits of Weanafeeda:

  • Weanafeeda allows one person to carry a number of feeding bowls all at once in one hand.
  • Weanafeeda’s unique segregating stalls ensure that each pup gets its fair share of food resulting in an even growth rate throughout the whole litter.
  • Weanafeeda is lightweight, completely stable and non-chewable.
  • Weanafeeda enables individual pups to be given medication or supplements.
  • Weanafeeda prevents spillage, is easy to clean – ready for the next feed.
  • Weanafeeda is a training aid, pups associate it with food and feeding times. It helps to eliminate any aggression associated with food.
  • It ensures pups are used to feeding individually when they go to their new homes.

Weanafeeda… Use it to believe it! It’s logical, functional and simply effective!