Bennetts Bulldog Blessings

I just got the feeder and I love it after the 1st time I used it, “ I don’t know how I lived with out it, all breeders should have one” Thanks.

Cairn Terrier Pups

Thought you’d like to see the attached picture. The pups are 6 week old Cairn Terriers.

Abbyford Clumber Spaniels

I promised at Crufts I would send a photo of last years litter of 9 clumber pups learning to eat with manners. The best thing I have bought – makes life so much easier!

Hellandian Cockers

Could not recommend this product high enough in our opinion it is a must for breeders of all breeds.

Deez Mastiffs

Thank you for this wonderful product. I look forward to selling them in the USA. Niko Goins